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Purchasing from a fundraiser or webstore

Printing Method: 

Silk Screen or Embroidery

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Any questions please email - We promise to deliver your order as your order was placed.


All items are quality made brand name items for long lasting wearability.

Delivery Schedule: 

We print monthly or according to the program printing schedule listed on the specific web store site. 

Payment Options: 

Check or credit card (Secure Google Checkout), money order can be mailed.

Custom Printing: 

Custom printing is available through CharlieCo.Org (Contact)



Running your own fundraiser or web store

How do we start a fundraiser with CharlieCo.Org?

Call us at 1-888-397-4357 (Monday – Friday, 8:00AM-6:00PM EST) to speak with a Customer Service Specialist who can answer all your questions and help you get started.

How long will it take to activate a web store fundraiser? 
Sales materials are shipped within one business day. Depending on your location, it can take up to 5 days to receive the materials.

How many people are required to participate in the fundraiser? 
There is no minimum number of participants required. However, our Customer Service Specialists can recommend a program that is best suited for the size of your group.

How long should a typical fundraiser last?
We recommend either a time set selling period or a store which stay open.  Together we will help determine the best program.

Do we have to pay for the catalogs? 
There is never a charge for fundraising materials to groups that complete their fundraiser. However, groups that do not complete a fundraiser ordering may be billed for the web store set-up and handling.

Is there a sales tax on the orders? 
Most non-profit groups (schools, scouts, church groups, etc) are exempt from sales tax. Only your state tax department can tell you that for sure. Possible example: Clothing sales in New Jersey are tax exempt.

How does the organization get paid?
Checks will be sent at the end of the program or monthly depending on the program length.

How do we see everything going on within the fundraiser?
Reports of all sales are prepared within 48 hours after the sale. Reports are available upon request and delivered at the end of the program or monthly depending on the program length.

How long will it take for products to arrive? 
The products will arrive within three weeks of our receiving your order, Or at a specified end delivery date. 

Do I have to separate the orders myself? 
No. For our catalog programs, orders are packed and labeled for individual Buyers. No time consuming sorting!

What is the school’s or group’s profit? 
Profits vary dependent on the fundraising program and the size of the order. See Profit Guides 
on program pages. 

Do we have to pay for shipping? 
In most cases, no. All items are delivered to your representative for distribution. 
When in person delivery is not possible a shipping charge may be assessed to each item in order to cover shipping cost. All shipping coast will be discussed and agreed to prior to the opening of the web store

What happens if an item delivered is incorrect? 
Call us at 1-888-397-HELP (4357) and we’ll be happy to ship out a replacement or credit the account…whichever you prefer.

How do the customers submit their order? 
Orders can be submitted on-line at the organizations web store via credit card
Orders can also be placed directly with CharlieCo.Org by the hosting organization

What credit card services are used?
Credit card orders placed on web stores are through secure merchant checkout giving CharlieCo.Org no access to the customer credit card information.

About this site: The webstore has been donated by and partnered with All Lacrosse. Please contact us for your printing services and fundraiser projects. We look forward to hearing from you